A Day at the SCL International Cargo Terminal

Raven and Shadow, our dog and cat, arrived safely to their new home in Santiago today after a lengthy trip from Minneapolis, and thanks to a lot of generous help from friends back in the United States. The last few miles from Pudahuel to Las Condes, however, turned into quite the adventure, courtesy of everyone’s favorite monopolist in the Twin Cities, Delta Airlines.

I woke up this morning, had a cup of Nescafé (it’s not really accurate to call it coffee), got some cash from a nearby ATM and hailed a taxicab along Avenida Apoqindo. My driver’s name was Juan. Juan and I our way through the morning congestion along Avenida Kennedy and soon were making good time on our way to the airport.

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The cable man showed up today

I have had my share of run-ins with my cable and internet providers over the years. Our cable company in Washington, DC (I think it was Cablevision) probably takes the prize for Worst. CableCompany. Ever. With numerous missed appointments and other screw ups, the franchise obviously took its cues from the Marion Barry administration, which had led the District to incredible depths of dysfunction by the mid-1990s. That’s not to say, however, that I have held DirecTV, Comcast or Qwest in much higher regard.

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La Moneda


La Moneda–the presidential building–on a beautiful summer day in Santiago. This photo was taken over the lunch hour as many workers downtown (at least, those few who are not on vacation this week) were out and about.

One week on

So… we arrived in Santiago a week ago today. The flight from MSP to Santiago (by way of Toronto) was quite uneventful; but then again, what could go wrong with four children, ages 4 to 10, in tow? The fact that we were armed with a laptop, two iPads, an iPod Touch and a Nintendo 3DS, and each seat on our Air Canada Boeing 777 came with a personal entertainment system with hours of kids’ programming, certainly helped. (Back when I traveled to Latin America as a younger lad, my only entertainment on the plane was a pack of Lucky Strikes.)

We were greeted in Santiago by sunny blue skies and warm temperatures.

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