I am a lawyer, husband, father of four children, and die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. I currently live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but will soon be moving to Santiago de Chile.

While I was attending law school at Georgetown University in the mid-1990s, I had promised myself that I would never actually practice law. Or if I did, I would not be a litigator. Accordingly, after graduating in 1998, I became a practicing lawyer and worked as an antitrust litigator at firms in Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I also did a brief stint as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota. In 2006, I became a partner in the Minneapolis office of a national litigation firm, where I was counsel on various antitrust matters involving the computer software industry.

Before law school, I had studied Latin American history as an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago and graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At the former school I was a leftist radical, while at the latter I was a conservative reactionary–even though my ideological and philosophical outlook remained rather consistent throughout.

The views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, and are not attributable in any manner to past, present or future employers.


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